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Waterfront Records is run by Luisa Mirabilio, with the invaluable assistance of Sebastian Chase and Frank Cotterell. We began as a label and shopfront in 1984. The label championed local acts the Hard-Ons, Ratcat and Tumbleweed as well as licensing international acts Nirvana, Pavement and the Beastie Boys, while the store was sadly one of few music retail outlets of its kind in Sydney. After closing the store down in March 2000, Waterfront was reincarnated in February of 2003, in the form of online retail store.

Manager: Luisa Mirabilio
CEOs: Sebastian Chase, Frank Cotterell
Freelance reviewers: Mark Bolton, Bianca Jang

Get more information about Waterfront Records at the Waterfront Records website:  www.waterfrontrecords.com
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 Waterfront Records